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Well, hi there!



My name is Sean.

I’m thrilled you’ve spent some time on my website. I hope you’re enjoying the scenery. Take some time to peruse the other pages. On this one, I’m going to spin you a personal yarn for a bit.

Sean standing on a walkway between two lakes and covered with a bamboo slat overhang with the sun shining in his eyes.

Web design may be what I love to do, but it was something that took time to develop into.

Before discovering the exquisite challenges and beautiful people I’ve encountered in this business, I was a cinematographer. Prior to transferring, I spent a handful of years working my way through general education classes at a beautiful college in Orange County.

I graduated from film school with a Bachelor’s degree in Digital Filmmaking & Video Production in my late 20’s.

Cinematographer Sean cleaning a lens while shooting a short film.

I’ve spent countless hours behind a camera on bustling film sets. I’ve perched from places high enough to make your palms sweat. I’ve stayed awake for nearly 36 hours working on productions.

Film sets have been invaluable for preparing me to work with creative people, understanding what it takes to work on a tight deadline, and how to be inventive with solving problems.

So what’s up with Dandy Cat, you may be wondering?

I do like creating films, but being able to work from home, close to my family and loved ones, ultimately won out for me. Add to that an outlet that allows me to be as creative as possible while managing my own business?

Well, that’s as good as things can get.

An excited web designer, dressed to the nines, standing in the middle of an Orange County video studio.

I couldn’t be happier designing awesome sites for stellar people.

Technology and the internet has been a passion and a fascination of mine since I was a kid. My family got our first computer in 1996—a heavy gray box that housed a blistering 200 MHz processor and (gasp!) a sweet CD-ROM drive.

I signed onto the internet with a screeching dial-up modem and the hope that nobody would have to make any calls for a while. Whiling away the hours on ancient websites wasn't enough for me, though. I wanted to know how it all worked. Learning HTML was a delight for a young kid to tinker with.

I've grown up since then and so has the internet. I'm more in love with technology than I’ve ever been. Tools like Squarespace allow me to create an great website without having to bash away at my keyboard in frustration because some hard to spot line of code isn't perfect.

Life is pretty great.



Dandy Cat is a resource for you.

When we craft a website together, we're creating something that will change your business forever.